* To protect, develop and manage the forest .

* To implement policies and programmes of the State Government with regard s to protection, development and management      of forest and wildlife resources of the state.

* To enforce acts, laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the protection and management of forests and wildlife.

* To take steps for the implementation of the National Forest Policy.

* To recruit, train and deploy forestry personnel in protection, development and management of forests and wildlife.

* To undertake plantations.

* To protect and improve Mangrove Ecosystem.

* To protect and conserve Marine Ecosystem.

* To promote Farm Forestry by distributing seedlings to the farmers for planting on their farmlands.

* To take extra measures for the conservation and protection of the endangered flora and fauna of the state.

* To carry out the harvesting of the silviculturally mature crops as per the prescription of the working plan.

* To carry out the commercial exploitation of Cashew and other NTFPs.

* To regulate the sawmills of the state.

* To create awareness among the people so as to achieve their fullest involvement in the protection, development and      management of forests and wildlife resources of the state.