1. Goa State CAMPA, constituted vide Govt of Goa Notification dated 03.08.2009, receives funds from Central Ad-hoc CAMPA.
2. It functions through a Governing Body, a Steering Committee and an Executive Committee.
3. The Governing Body, headed by Chief Minister, lays down broad policy framework and reviews its working from time to time.
4. The Steering Committee, having Chief Secretary as its Chairperson, approves rules and procedures, monitors progress of funds
    utilisation, and approves APOs, reports and accounts.
5. The Executive Committee, with PCCF (HoD) as its head, prepares and submits APOs to Steering Committee for approval, supervises
    the implementation of works, submits reports to Steering Committee & prepares annual reports.
6. The GOA State CAMPA implements various schemes through the field units of Goa Forest Department and provides funds by transfer
    to the bank accounts of respective field offices as per approved APOs.

Guidelines / Orders on CAMPA

CAMPA Committees

1. Executive Committee

2. Steering Committee

3. Governing Body

CAMPA Annual Plan of Operations / Annual Reports

External Monitoring of CAMPA works