Welcome to Goa Forest Department

The Protected areas of state of Goa are located along the verdant Western Ghats - one of the richest reservoirs of biodiversity in the world. The section that lie within Goa (the Sahyadris) and which dominates its ecosystem, readily reflects its bewildering complexity in plant, animal and bird life.

The highly undulating terrain and the thickly wooded lots test the patience of the visitor's intent on quickly sighting land animals. While you wait to sight the fauna, these sanctuaries offer majestic moist deciduous and semi evergreen forests, dense and green with tall trees, lianas, vines, climbers, ground flora and fauna. The hills and valleys are lush green and cotton like clouds roll freely in the area.

The Forest Department endeavors to serve the people of Goa in many fields. The main objective of the Forest Department is the conservation of the forests in Goa. Large stock of seedlings are provided every year by the Department to individuals, Companies, Schools, Panchayats, etc.  to plant in areas available with them.

Protection of wildlife is another important area in which the Department plays a vital role. As a result the Western Ghats which are abundantly rich in flora and fauna get maximum protection. The Forest Department has taken initiative to promote wildlife/eco tourism to enable people to see and appreciate the rich biodiversity and scenic beauty of the forests in the State.